Kaelynns goals (and why)

I have a lot of goals, some aim higher than others, some lower. here are all my goals and why there my goals.

M y first goal is….

university (Yale, hardvard)

  • i know that i probably wouldnt get in to yale and hardvard but i would really like to go, though, any university is fine. I really want to go so i can get a medical degree to become a doctor, but if that doesnt work out i always have other plans even though they arent my favorite.


medical degree (medical oncoligist)

  •  I really want to go to school and get my medical degree so i can become a medical oncoligist, even though it will take many years of school. I want to become a medical oncoligist because its a doctor who treats cancer using chemotherapy. I choose that one specifically because my mom had cancer and had to go through chemo, and lets just say that alot of the doctors wernt the nicest and were not very supportive so i want to become one so i can people who had to go through this like my mom.

travel (B.C, Hawaii, bora bora, great ocean road- Australia)

  • I want to travel so bad because i have never before, the farthest ive ever “traveled” was to winnipeg and hecla. And thasts not really traveling. I want to go too B.C because there a lot of beautiful places there and most of my family lives there. I want to ogo to hawaii beccause of the warm weater, and beautiful senery. its also just because, hawaii, who doesnt want to go to hawaii! Bora bora is just a beautiful place. they have beautiful little houses on docks over water, and its warm. The last place i want to go is to great ocean road in Australlia. Its such a beautiful place to vist in australlia, espesially at sunrise!
  • Great Ocean Road, Australia



  • i have one pet already, a beagle names ruby. i love her with every inch of my heart, but i do wish i had more pets. My mom doesnt like big dogs so i know that the dogs i want, she wouldnt even take into consideration. seeming as they are big, and they shed alot. The one I want most though, is a golded retriver, a while fured golded retriver. They are so kind and loves to play. They would also get along with my dog because ruby best friend is a golden retriver, but they moved to alberta so we cant see them anymore.

i have so many other goals but theres too many to share!

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