kindergarten-grade 7 “jobs i wanted”

when i was younger, i changed my mind about what job i wantted to do every year. So here is a list of all the jobs i have wanted since kindergarten, all the way to now. grade 7.

1. candy shop (kindergarten) :   i am sure that almost every kid wanted to work in a candy store right!? i know i did. I didnt really want to do it for the fun or money, my little child mind wanted to work in a candy shop so i can eat candy while i work. as a kid, i also thought id be allowed to bring alot of the candy home for free. But of course, as i got older, i learned that you still have to pay for it even if you work there.

2. dance teacher (grade 1) :   i think that almost every little girl (or boy) has probably wanted to be a dance teacher. I wanted                      to be one because i had done about 3-5 years of dance and was convinced i was a pro. but i was farrrrrrrr from being a pro.               i eventually quit dance because i kind of got sick of the weird costumes we had to wear for performences. and i also got shy                  on stage when performinng so i quit and eventually stoped wanting to be a dance teacher.

3. teacher (grade 2) :    i was at the age where i fouuund school fun and there was no hard math (for me at least, i found it very                easy because at the time i was supposed to be in grade 3 and i knew all the stuff already) and there was no school drama                    with kids. But as the school year went on, i dont know, but i just started not liking school as much and didnt want to be a                        teacher anymore.

4. model (grade 3) :    In grade 3 i was in love with the idea of getting my hair and makeup done everyday, and like the idea that i          got to wear fancy dresses and take pictures, and show my outfit off to big crowds. But, i started not liking wearing dresses                    anymore. i just find them uncomfortable to wear and i dont feel comfortable in them. so, i eventually dropped the idea of wanting          to be a model.

5. clothing desginer (grade 4):    In grade 4, i had a little drawing book i had gotten from my cousins and i started drawing clothing         inside of it convinced that when i was older, id be a desginer. but, i eventually changed my mind.

6. ???? (grade 5):  in grade 5, i wasnt thinking about what i wanted to be yet. i was more focused on school and ddint really care         about jobs.

7. family lawyer (grade 6):   in grade 6, i wanted to be a family lawyer. i didnt want to do it because of empathy, i wanted to be one        because of the pay amount. but i quickly over came that and decided to be somrthing else that i wanted to be and not just for the          money.

8. medical oncoligist (grade 7):    i am in grade 7, and i have decided to be a medical oncoligist (a doctor who treats cancer with   chemotherapy) i chose this bacause my mom had cancer and had to go through chemo, so it has a place in my heart.


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