Wattpad is a free app you can get in the app store and on your laptop. It is an app for reading and even to write your own chapter books. Its a good app it your a beginer writer trying to make a carreer and  it has a lot of amazing and well written  stories.

I know i’ve hated reading all my life but i started reading some harry potter realated stories on wattpad and now i can stop. I think it the span of 4 days i have spent about 15-20 hours reading on it. I am currently reading the book “Little Bird” by:Marrisa-Lynn, and its by far, the best book i have ever read. There are 64 chapter to “Little Bird”, and i am on chapter 54. so im going to make a little suggestion and if you do get it, if your really into Harry potter, then you should definitley read some of “Marrisa-lynn“s storys.

The writers on wattpad are acually very talented in their writing ablity and their storys have lots of for-shadowing, detail, adventure. I can definatly say that since i started reading on here, i have definitaly added a bunch of new words to my vocabulary and will definitley use them in future story writing. So far, the books i’ve read give so much detail so i can get a real good image of what the setting and characters look, act, and feel like. It has definitley widened my imagination a bunch.

The app is well put together as well. When you make your account, it will ask you questions, it will ask you what genre you like then will base your feed on that for the most enjoyable experiences. And, the more books you read about one topic, it will show up in your feed more seeming as that is stuff your interested in the most.

As in 2020, over 90 million people are using wattpad. Its headquarters are in Toronto and it was founded it 2006, of November.

here is a link to a site that has posted about it and reviews:


more: When the app is trying to get to know you to see what books you like, as i said, it will ask you which genre. And, i personaly found it very difficult to choose just 2 options, so, if you do plan on getting it, here are your genre options for you to think about. reminder: the app only allows you to choose 2 but you can definitley search through differnt one in the app when in the search tap. anyways, here are your options:

Action Adventure Anime Billionaire Chicklit
Creepypasta Diverselit Fanfiction Fantasy General Fiction
Historical Fiction Horror Humor Imagines LGBT+
Mystery New Adult Nonfiction Paranormal Poetry
Random Romance Science Fiction Short Story Spiritual
Teen Fiction Thriller Urban Vampire Werewolf

my review: i would definitley give wattpad a 4.75/5 because it is an excellent app that has made me enjoy reading more than ever before, but, since anyone can join it, you could have a bunch a little kids going around and posting whatever so it think that the app should like, i dont know, review the peoples books before they are published so we know its a real book and not a little kids publishing a 4 word sentece, ya’know!? anyways, i definitley recomend you to get this app!!!


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