Drawing Human Features :)

For my O.WL, i decided to draw human features. I have had a little bit of experience with drawing human features bur i wasnt good at it. I kind of made up my own way to draw the features instead of acually finding out how to.

I was never good at lips or noses, nor eyes, although, my eyes i drew were better then the lips and nose.

For my nose, i never really planed it out, i just started drawing. I found out you need kind of chart or stencil like thing to help you draw a nose. You have to start out with a circle, and draw lines up connecting them to the circle to make the bridge, then put in the side and little detail, and of course, shading ETC.

for example:

lips: I suck at lips. they usually being a fail and i end up just drawing a straingt line. I now follow a step by step with a simalar chart/stencil method. it still sucks and are very bad and choppy but it is getting better than what i drew.


How to draw lips : restofthefuckingowl

eyes: Id say iim better at eyes than i am any other feature. i follow a step by step for a visual but its hard to get so much detail and the flawless look they have in their blending ETC.

How To Draw Realistic Eye Step by Step - YouTube | Realistic drawings, Eye drawing tutorials, Art drawings sketches

O.W.L update:

time- 1 hour and 10 minutes

drawing- eyes- 2

nose- 4

lips- 1

i think its fun to  draw eyes because it takes a long time so you can sit there for like hours and draw them because their a good thing to draw to pass by time

here is a link where you can find a buch of eyes you can try and draw!


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  1. I did drawing and shading eyes for OWL last year. It was really fun but i couldnt draw the eyelashes or the eyebrows for the life of me

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