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If you go on pintrest, you can actually find sooo many easy to make, delicious, and healthy meals for your family, or even just you. You can find ones for keto, because some people have keto diets, and vegan/vegitarian ones for the vegans and vegitarians. I have made a few meals from pintrest that were soooo good, 10/10 would recomend, and, i have acually made them more than once.

you can also search up deserts and treats to make (yet again, you can find ones for keto, ETC.)


#1. stuffed peppers

this one is sooooooo good. its fills you up and tastes amazing. ive made this at least 3-4 times and me and then rest of the family do aswell.  it gets a good 10/10 recomend that youuyuyu should try this.

here is the link to it

#2. parmesan roasted califlower

the was absuloutly awesome. the cheese on it gave it a good texter with the crunch of the roasted califlower. I, as well as the rest of my family loved it and would make it again. it gets a good 9/10

here is the link to it

#3. garlic brown surgar baked chicken

this one was pretty good, not my favorite, but okay. if you cook it just right then it would be good but when i made it, it was a bit over cooked so it was kind of dry. i think it gets a pretty good, 6.5/10

here is a link to it

#4. cheesy patato broccoli

i think this one was one of my favorites. it was so  good. most of the people in my family liked it except for my sister and brother. their really picky. but over all, this gets a 9.5/10. i think it was really good.

here is the link to it

i know it was short but its hard to fit so much in to describe food.

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