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hi, my name is Kaelynn. I am in grade 7. I like to play guitar, read, shop, and well, anything that doesnt take alot of effort. like eating and sleeping. I am going into grade 8 next year. Im not really nervous though. I think i have it covered. This year was not easy but know that i have the hang of it, ithink next year will be much easier. The only thing im not lookinh forward to is O.W.L. I hate presenting, espessically in front of a whole class. When ever i present, i feel sick and i start to panic. fun right?! so, yeah. That is the only thing im not excited for.

Some challenges i faced this year as a new grade 7 student were organization, social, science, ETC. Some times my desk would get really messy and scattered, as well as my binder, and it would make me super overwhelmed. I was really nad at keeping things organized. I struggled in social a little because when we would do our test, i would just black and forget everything, no matter how much i studied so i would end up getting a bad mark. The same goes for science. Another thing i struggled with in science was labs. I was new to those because we had never done them in grade 6 so when we began them i was a little clueless, but im getting better. It was also a pretty hard and stressful year because of all of the changes with all the covid protocols and stuff that made class more difficult then it had to be.

I think that the only possible challenges for next year will be covid. I am really tired of everything honestly so another year of protocals is just going to make it worse. Other than that, i think the only other challenge will be that some of the grade 8 math might be a little bit harder than the math we had this year, but i think that if i catch onto it,everything will be just fine.

I think i have learnt quite alot this year. I learnt new things in math, I learnt about Geece, And Egypt, ETC.  and I learnt quite alot in science. I also have learnt alot from owl presentations ive done. I learnt things like playing guitar, drawing, photography, and a bunch of other neat thing. although i dislike O.W.L, i still thought it was fun to learn new thing despite my hatred for it!

I hope next year will be better than this one. Not that it was bad, it just wasnt the best. bye!

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