Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are a type of glasses that are ussed to block out any blue light which is harmfuul to your eyes.Blue light can cause headaches/migraines, eye strain, and can make you tired. Blue light glasses are extremly useful to many. They block out the blue light and tint everything orange so its not so harsh on your eyes. Lots of people use thenm for when their on their phones, laptops, and watching TV, ETC. I have a pair of my own and they have been extremly helpful and i havent been getting as many headaches and migraines as i used to.

more about: Blue light blocking glasses have specially crafted lenses that are said to block or filter out the blue light given off from digital screens. The light claim to protect your eyes from glare and can help reduce potential damage to your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light.

do they acually work: Researchers agree that blue light from LED devices like your smartphone or laptop holds back the body’s production of sleep-inducing melatonin. A 2017 study done by the University of Houston found that participants wearing the glasses showed about a 58% increase in their nighttime melatonin levels. so, the answer to that is yes.

The 5 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses (2021 Guide) - The Modest Man

this is the pair i have.

you get get them on websites like amazon or HILX eyewear.

these are not in anyway perscribed by a eye doctor and if you want a pair you should probably talk to your eye doctor if you wear glasses that are perscribed:)

pros: the pros of blue light glasses are that they acually work and help many, many people.

cons: The cons are that blue light glasses are expensive and are difficult to clean.


some reviews from pepople who have gotten them:


Reviewed in Canada on November 9, 2020

Color Name: Black+WhiteVerified Purchase
do i recomend them: absuloutly!
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“One Chapter At A Time” (writers workshop)

“One Chapter At A Time”

A young girl, Andy, found herself in the situation that many face today. A messed up, and trouble-some life. At such a young age, she found herself wondering, “What is going to happen to me?,” “Why is THIS happening to ME?,” and “Why can’t I have a normal life?. A life like all the other children. Why me?”

You might be wondering, what are you talking about? Well, here’s the story. The story of Andy…

Andy’s perfect life was slowly taking a turn for the worse, but many believe that you must experience the bad before you can really appreciate the good.

Andy’s father, Ross Greenwood, left her and her mother, Amanda Greenwood, when she was only two years old. Andy’s mother and father had gotten a divorce, and then he just disappeared. Before he disappeared, he had said some hurtful words that would probably stick with them for a long time. He told them they were “useless no-goods” and that he wanted nothing to do with them since Andy’s mother was poor and they were living off his paychecks seeming as Amanda’s job didn’t pay good. at all. The other reason, well, It was Andy, Andy’s father never paid much attention to her as a little baby. When he got home from work, he locked himself in his room he liked to call his “office,” and work until he was tired then go to bed. So, Andy’s mother was usually the one watching and taking care of Andy. When Andy was born, Ross thought it would be a boy. He left her so early in life because he thought that because Andy was a girl, she couldn’t do anything; couldn’t work on farms, lift heavy stuff, help in gardens, ETC. Hence, why he never spent any time with her.

-Three years later-

When Andy was just five, her mother became an addict of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Her mother was still grieving over her divorce, and the fact that she was struggling in ways of money. Due to Amanda’s problem, she was fired from her job. And that only made her addiction worse because now she was stuck at home all day.

A year went by and Andy was now six, so she was able to go to school. She didn’t have any nice clothes because her mom didn’t buy her any new ones since she didn’t have any money. So, Andy was wearing tight shirts from a couple years back and sacks with holes in it for arms and her head. Andy had to walk about 2 miles to get to school everyday. So, by the end of each day, her legs were tired and sore, since her legs were still so short, and little.


Miss Brier, Andy’s kindergarten teacher, was a kind, soft hearted person. Whenever she looked at Andy, she had this look in her eyes. Not a jugdy look, like as if she is judging her clothes or anything, but a curious one, Confused, and at times, worried.

After about half of a school year was over, the kindergarten teacher, Miss Brier, arranged a field trip for the kids. She was going to take the kids to a farm to see how the farmers farmed their crops, cared for their animals, also to see all the tools, and machines they use, To go on the trip, all the parents of the kids had to sign a form telling the teacher whether their child can go on the trip or not. Everyone’s parents had signed except for one. Andy’s mother.


Miss Brier sensed something wasn’t right, so, a few days before the field trip, she asked Andy if she could walk home with her. Andy was confused as to why she wanted to, but soon caught on and knew that Miss Brier felt something was off. Andy said, “yes”, and continued on with her walk home, with Miss. Brier, un-sure of what was going to happen when they arrived at her house.

after about 30 minutes of walking, when they arrived, Miss Brier quickly noticed that the house was all dusty, with broken windows, and the walls were painted yellow. Except, the yellow was really, really dim and faint. The house looked like it could have collapsed any minute. Andy’s kindergarten teacher could see the look of disappointment on Andy’s face. It was full of dread and impatience. Miss. Brier took one step into the tattered house, it reeked of alcohol and smoke. She immediately stepped out of the house, taking Andy with her. Miss Brier quietly whispered to Andy, “It’s okay, I’m going to fix this,” while looking through the broken glass, that used to be a window, at the passed-out woman on the dusty couch, which was pushed into the back of the living-room. Andy stood there with Miss Brier, trying to hold back her tears.

Miss Brier called one of her friends to come pick them up and drive them down to the police station. In the police station, Andy stayed in a separate room that had a new, soft couch that she laid her head down, shut her eyes, and tried to sleep. Miss Brier talked to the officers, they made some calls, did a background check to find out about Andy’s childhood, and also brought Andy’s mother to the station to inform them on what was happening.


They explained to Andy and her mother about how Andy would be sent to an orphanage and would find a new family that would care and provide for her.  As they explained all of this, Andy had a nervous, yet understanding look on her face. As for her mother, she had bags under her eyes and a “I don’t really care. You’re wasting my time. Can I go home now,” Look on her face.

They took her mother to her “home” to let her get packed because they Were taking her to re-hab. As for Andy, she was sent to a nearby orphanage. She spent a couple years there. She was about ten and still hadn’t found a family. She was very lonely at times, but was used to it. At least she got weekly visits from Miss Brier every Wednesday which did make her very happy. On Wednesday, when she came for her weekly visit, Miss Brier didn’t go to see Andy. Instead, she went over to the people who worked at the orphanage, and talked for about 20 minutes before they took her to her office. Several days later, when Miss Brier came for her weekly visit, she told Andy, she had a surprise. Miss Brier was adopting Andy!

-Two years later-

Andy had never felt this happy in her entire life. But now, she could actually say she was happy, and loved without feeling guilt from lying to herself because this time, this time she wasn’t.

she just had to take it one chapter at a time.


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New all about me

Today im going to be doing a new all about me. i know i have done one already but i have acully changed quite a bit since then.

The things that still havent changed:

  • im blonde
  • i still want to be a medical oncoligist
  • i still want to go to university
  • my least favorite subject are still science and social studies
  • i have 2 siblings
  • i have a beagle



now here are some more things that are new and/or were left out:

  • my favorite genre of music is country. im not sure why but i just like it. its so calming and just peaceful unlike a lot of other music. i also grew up on a farm and thats all my dad would play on his phone while i was working so i geuss it kind of just, well, grew on me.
  • i love horror movies. i like to watch horror movie but someone has to be there watching it with me or else i wont have the gut to do it. ill usally watch thhem with a friend or my brother.
  • i like to go up to my cabin. its just really calming because its in the middle of no where so its just surounded by trees and is just really peaceful. there is a beach write by our cabin too so i usually go fishing or go swimming in the lake.
  • i like swimming. i like swimming in pools but i find swimming in lakes and quarrys much more calming because then theres not many people like there is at the pool. i usually swim at the lake down at the cabin or we take a 20 minutes drive from the cabing to swim at mathison island and go an the fairy. i also has a quarry just across from the road feom my cabin and we go swimming there somethimes and in the summer raspberrys grow there so we usally pick those. Theres also a quarry around riverton that we go to too.
  • i like to drive dirtbikes, quads, trucks, tractore,snowmobiles. ETC. i grew up on a farm so i was also driving in the field on tractors and helping my gigi bail, and i always drove around on there trucks as i got older but just in the yard and field. i also drove around on dirtbikes and quads, ETC. because, well, its just fun.
  • my favorite colurs are champagne, deep green, and sage green. Satin Fabric Champagne Color for Wedding Dress Decoration DIY Crafts 60” by 1 Yard2039-10 Deep Green - Paint Color | McPhillips Street PaintPin by Pk 🧸🦋 on LooKs | Mint green aesthetic, Green aesthetic, Green photo


  • my favorite animal is cows/calfs


go check out

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kindergarten-grade 7 “jobs i wanted”

when i was younger, i changed my mind about what job i wantted to do every year. So here is a list of all the jobs i have wanted since kindergarten, all the way to now. grade 7.

1. candy shop (kindergarten) :   i am sure that almost every kid wanted to work in a candy store right!? i know i did. I didnt really want to do it for the fun or money, my little child mind wanted to work in a candy shop so i can eat candy while i work. as a kid, i also thought id be allowed to bring alot of the candy home for free. But of course, as i got older, i learned that you still have to pay for it even if you work there.

2. dance teacher (grade 1) :   i think that almost every little girl (or boy) has probably wanted to be a dance teacher. I wanted                      to be one because i had done about 3-5 years of dance and was convinced i was a pro. but i was farrrrrrrr from being a pro.               i eventually quit dance because i kind of got sick of the weird costumes we had to wear for performences. and i also got shy                  on stage when performinng so i quit and eventually stoped wanting to be a dance teacher.

3. teacher (grade 2) :    i was at the age where i fouuund school fun and there was no hard math (for me at least, i found it very                easy because at the time i was supposed to be in grade 3 and i knew all the stuff already) and there was no school drama                    with kids. But as the school year went on, i dont know, but i just started not liking school as much and didnt want to be a                        teacher anymore.

4. model (grade 3) :    In grade 3 i was in love with the idea of getting my hair and makeup done everyday, and like the idea that i          got to wear fancy dresses and take pictures, and show my outfit off to big crowds. But, i started not liking wearing dresses                    anymore. i just find them uncomfortable to wear and i dont feel comfortable in them. so, i eventually dropped the idea of wanting          to be a model.

5. clothing desginer (grade 4):    In grade 4, i had a little drawing book i had gotten from my cousins and i started drawing clothing         inside of it convinced that when i was older, id be a desginer. but, i eventually changed my mind.

6. ???? (grade 5):  in grade 5, i wasnt thinking about what i wanted to be yet. i was more focused on school and ddint really care         about jobs.

7. family lawyer (grade 6):   in grade 6, i wanted to be a family lawyer. i didnt want to do it because of empathy, i wanted to be one        because of the pay amount. but i quickly over came that and decided to be somrthing else that i wanted to be and not just for the          money.

8. medical oncoligist (grade 7):    i am in grade 7, and i have decided to be a medical oncoligist (a doctor who treats cancer with   chemotherapy) i chose this bacause my mom had cancer and had to go through chemo, so it has a place in my heart.


heres a link to some blogs you should check out!

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Q&A with molly

today for my blog, molly decided she wanted me to do a Q&A about her.

lets begin!

favorite color- yellow

favorite animal- panda

favorite genre of music- pop

hobbies- dance, painting

girl or boy- girl

dream job- pediatrition, or a general surgen

hair color- brown

where do you want to live-

favorite food-


Kaelynns goals (and why)

I have a lot of goals, some aim higher than others, some lower. here are all my goals and why there my goals.

M y first goal is….

university (Yale, hardvard)

  • i know that i probably wouldnt get in to yale and hardvard but i would really like to go, though, any university is fine. I really want to go so i can get a medical degree to become a doctor, but if that doesnt work out i always have other plans even though they arent my favorite.


medical degree (medical oncoligist)

  •  I really want to go to school and get my medical degree so i can become a medical oncoligist, even though it will take many years of school. I want to become a medical oncoligist because its a doctor who treats cancer using chemotherapy. I choose that one specifically because my mom had cancer and had to go through chemo, and lets just say that alot of the doctors wernt the nicest and were not very supportive so i want to become one so i can people who had to go through this like my mom.

travel (B.C, Hawaii, bora bora, great ocean road- Australia)

  • I want to travel so bad because i have never before, the farthest ive ever “traveled” was to winnipeg and hecla. And thasts not really traveling. I want to go too B.C because there a lot of beautiful places there and most of my family lives there. I want to ogo to hawaii beccause of the warm weater, and beautiful senery. its also just because, hawaii, who doesnt want to go to hawaii! Bora bora is just a beautiful place. they have beautiful little houses on docks over water, and its warm. The last place i want to go is to great ocean road in Australlia. Its such a beautiful place to vist in australlia, espesially at sunrise!
  • Great Ocean Road, Australia



  • i have one pet already, a beagle names ruby. i love her with every inch of my heart, but i do wish i had more pets. My mom doesnt like big dogs so i know that the dogs i want, she wouldnt even take into consideration. seeming as they are big, and they shed alot. The one I want most though, is a golded retriver, a while fured golded retriver. They are so kind and loves to play. They would also get along with my dog because ruby best friend is a golden retriver, but they moved to alberta so we cant see them anymore.

i have so many other goals but theres too many to share!

check out

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Any suggestions?

I have absuloutly no idea what to blog about becasue im running out of ideas to write about.

If you have any suggestions i could use for my next blog please tell me so i can take that into consideration so i have somthing to blog about! Thank you!


Midnight blog #2

its currently 12:28 am, so technically, it wednesday. Other than writing this blog, i am watching the movie called “princess protection program” which i acually kinda intresting.

I am eating popcorn and some hot chocolate and laying in my bed. Once i feel like getting up then ill orginize my binder and pick my outfit for the next day.

After that im going to clean my room then probably go to bed because im getting a littles tired.

thanks for reading my once a week update!

check out my other blogs and you might find some interesting thing, who know!?



Right now i have currently watching a buch of christmas movies and there all so good! i have also watch caroline.


The movie caroline is about a girl who has moved and finds a secret door in the wall. When she goes through the door she finds her other parents, they look the same except that they are more cheerful and have bottons for eyes. Caroline thinks that this alternet world is way better that her real life so in the middle of the night she keeps going back, but what she doesnt know is that its a trap. The mom in the other world is trying to take her soul and eyes. She also wants to sew buttons into her eyes. If you want to know what happens to caroline, you should defentaly watch the movie. You can find it on netflix,youtube, or order it off amazon! i defenaly rate this movie a 10/10 !


Hereare 2 really good christmas movies!

The mistletoe seceret

The misltoe seceret is about a buisness that hasnt been doing to good so they get a journalist to come to see what their town is all about to bring in tourist to get buisness back. The boss has a seceret journalist go into the town and write for him so everybody thinks its the boss whos writing so when he comes into the town too everyone is excited to see him. The journalist falls in love with one of the characters and want to tell her his secret and that he wants to be known for his work and not be taken advantage of but every time he trys totell her his boss comes andtrys to steal her from him. Does he end up telling her? Go see for your self. you can find the movie on youtube! I defently rate this movie a 10/10 too!


Check inn to christmas

this movie is about to familys who have a fued to win allthe annual christmas event in their town. This year there host is a man who has taken many buisnesses out of buisness. Ifhe bought land, it would be done for them. 2 people from each family gathered together to make the rest of the family work together to stop this years host from taking them doen, Will it work out? you can find this movie on youtube! i also rate this one a solid 10/10!


I hope you decide to watch some of these movies! i d them relly entertaning and fun to watch when im bored. If you want me to recemend some more to watch, idefently will make more blogs for that soon!



Christmas time in a covid world

Christmas is my absuloute FAVOURITE holdiday, Mostly because this is thr time when we have a big dinner and invite all the family over. I mostly get excited to see my little cousin Brynley who is 1 and a half now. She is the cutest little thing and her parents just recently had a little girl and named her Blair which i have been so dying to meet but unfortunally i cant this year because of covid.

Now, Chistmas with covid is going to be the same but different. Everyone who buys presents will provley do a lot of the shopping online and wont have big dinners anymore (that kinda sucks cuz i mailey like christmas because my mom makes a big meal).

This is how im going to spend my christmas eve…

When i wake up ill probably sit in bed till 11:30 ish on my phone then probably put on some sweat pants and a sweater and go to the kitchen to make breakfeast and my daily iced coffee ( which i litterly live on and if i dont get my coffee ill be either really crazy or so tired i cant open my eyes). After i eats my breakfeast and drink my coffee i would use the restroom and brush my teeth then wash my face, put on my skin care products, put on chapstick, do my hair and then go sit back down in my room and watch christmas movies on netflix on my tv (that probablt wouldnt be a good idea though because whenever i watch christmas shows i end up crying).

The day would go by and then my mom would make diner and me, my mom, baba, sister, brother, and dad would all sit down to eat. After that we would play card games all night then go to bed, While there in bed i would most liklely be up on my phone or laptop for an hour or 2 then i would go to bed too.


This is how i would spend my christmas morning/day…

Ussally im up early on christmas morning ( this is the only day of the year i wake up early) and no one else is up so i ussaully have to wait a few minutes then my brother wakes up and me and him sit around and watch tv togethetter or play video games in his room for about 2 hours then my sister and mom and baba get up. After they get up we have to wait about 1-2 hours before my dad come home from work. While hes at work and every one is up, this is when i start my morning routine. I will get in my christmas outfit on and do my hair. I will have breakfeast and my daily iced coffee then go wash my face, do my skin care, and brush my teeth right after im dine eating and drinking my coffee.By now my dad would be home so we would all sit in the living room and unwrap are preseents. My dog Ruby will even get to un wpar on with us also. After were done opening it, were probably going to start using the things we got. After this my sister is probably going to make me put on my snowsuit like every other year and make me play out side with her. After we get in were going to be really cold so we would make some hoychocolate and lunch ( for lunch is probably soup and grilled cheese).

Free Reindeer Clip Art with No Background - ClipartKey

thank for reading my blog! if you want to laern more about covid, go to click the link that is down below.