7 animal scientists want to bring back from extintion

  1. Caspian tigers

During their prime, Caspian tigers could be found in Turkey and through much of Central Asia, including Iran and Iraq, and in Northwestern China as well, but they went extinct in the 1960s. Some scientists want to bring them back by reintroducing the nearly-identical Siberian tiger to its old habitats, where they expect it to adapt. I have no idea why they would want to bring these tigers back because they were so big and dangeorus.

Is “Extinct” Forever? Central Asia's Caspian Tiger Traverses the Comeback Trail – National Geographic Society Newsroom


2. Aurochs

The aurochs is an ancestor of domestic cattle that lived throughout Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Scientists want to bring them back through selective breeding of cattle species that carry some aurochs DNA. To this end, European science teams have been selectively breeding cattle since 2009. I think this one would be ok because there not that dangeorus but they might be pretty scary looking with there big horns and the fact that they are 7 feet tall.

Aurochs are back! - YouTube


3. The Dodo bird

The dodo is perhaps the most famous extinct animal. It evolved without any natural predators, but the humans that arrived on their home island, Mauritius, took advantage of this and killed them all for food. In 2007, scientists found the best preserved dodo skeleton ever, which may hold valuable DNA samples. This one is ok to bring back because they are friendly, I also learnt that lots of people thought dodos were colourful and looked close to a parrot but they are acually a beige color.

Stuffed Dodo Bird Extinct Flightless Bird Stock Photo (Edit Now) 1301615152

4.Woolly Mamath

Woolly Mammoth carcasses have been frozen and preserved, which has allowed scientists to access well-preserved DNA. The last isolated population of woolly mammoths lived on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean until 4,000 years ago, but scientists contest whether we were to blame for their extinction. I am not sure if i would want these ones to come back because im not sure if there dangeorus but they are big and scary looking.

Revival of the woolly mammoth - Wikipedia


5. Moa

The Moa were a giant flightless bird from New Zealand that reached 12 feet tall and weighed more than 500 pounds. They died out because of over hunting by the Maori by 1400, and their closest relatives have been found to be the flighted South American tinamous, which could hold some of their genes. Personally, i wouldnt want these to come back because there 12 feet tall and look scary and dangeorus.

Resurrecting Extinct Giant Flightless Birds of New Zealand

6. Pyrenean Ibex

The Pyrenean ibex lived in Southern France and the Northern Pyrenees, but died out in January 2000. Scientists tried to clone one using DNA from one of the last females, but it died shortly after being born. I think they should bring these ones back because there harmless and they look like somthing you would find in alice in wonder land or bridge to teribithia, or even chronicals or narnia. Pretty much anything magical.

Pyrenean Ibex Extinct in 2000 - EU Conservation Failure | David Marinelli















7. The megladon

I have nothing to say about this one. I think they definitally SHOULD NOT bring the megladon back or i will never set foot in any kind of water and i think thats the same for pretty much everyone else too. So in the end, the megladon is a big whoping NO from me.


Megalodon: Facts about the long-gone, giant shark | Live Science



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