Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (the first movie/book)

Hello. for my blog i am making a series of the harry potter movies and books.

today im covering the first movie/book. The Philosophers Stone!

(i chose to blog about this because the Harry Potter books and movies are my favourite series of well, ANYTHING!

about: Adaption of the first  J.K Rowling’s popular children’s novel about Harry Potter, a boy who learns on his eleventh birthday that he is an orphanded son of two powerful wizards and possesses unique magical powers of hhis own. He is summoned from his life as an unwanted child to become a student at Hogwarts, an English boarding school for wizards. There, he meets several friends who become his closest allies and help him discover the truth about his parents’ mysterious deaths.


about (more in depth):

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a fantasy novel written by British author J. K. Rowling. The first novel in the Harry Potter series and Rowling’s debut novel, it follows Harry Potter, a young wizard who discovers his magical heritage on his eleventh birthday, when he receives a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry makes close friends and a few enemies during his first year at the school, and with the help of his friends, he faces an attempted comeback by the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry’s parents, but failed to kill Harry when he was just 15 months old.

The book was first published in the United Kingdom on 26 June 1997 by Bloomsbury. It was published in the United States the following year by Scholastic Corporation under the title Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It won most of the British book awards that were judged by children and other awards in the US. The book reached the top of the New York Times list of best-selling fiction in August 1999 and stayed near the top of that list for much of 1999 and 2000. It has been translated into at least 73 other languages, and has been made into a feature-length film of the same name, as have all six of its sequels. The novel has sold in excess of 120 million copies.

Most reviews were very favourable, commenting on Rowling’s imagination, humour, simple, direct style and clever plot construction, although a few complained that the final chapters seemed rushed. The writing has been compared to that of Jane Austen, one of Rowling’s favourite authors; Roald Dahl, whose works dominated children’s stories before the appearance of Harry Potter; and the Ancient Greek story-teller Homer. While some commentators thought the book looked backwards to Victorian and Edwardian boarding school stories, others thought it placed the genre firmly in the modern world by featuring contemporary ethical and social issues, as well as overcoming obstacles like bullies.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, along with the rest of the Harry Potter series, has been attacked by some religious groups and banned in some countries because of accusations that the novels promote witchcraft under the guise of a heroic, moral story. Other religious commentators have written that the book exemplifies important viewpoints, including the power of self-sacrifice and the ways in which people’s decisions shape their personalities. The series has been used as a source of object lessons in educational techniques, sociological analysis and marketing.

main message: At its core the Harry Potter series is about our attitudes towards death, and how we face the idea and reality of it. Lord Voldemort was defined by his fear and anxiety of death, and devoted his life to conquering and worrying about it.

rotten tomatoes rating (movie: rotten tomatoes rated Harry Potter and the philosophers stone a 4 out of 5.


reveiw: i think that the book and movie are amazing, very detailed! i would definitly recomend to watch the movie and read the book!

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone - Full PC Gameplay  (Longplay) - YouTube



KAELYYNS harry potter facts (about me)

Hey,for my blog i am starting a series where i will be coveing the whole harry potter sequel!

so, here are some harry potter facts about me!

Favorite character/s: Draco Lucius  Malfoy, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Fred Gideon Weasley, George Fabian Weasley, Hermoine jean granger, Cedric diggory, and Dobby.

books or movies: i like the movies more than the books because then i have a better visual.

which movie/book: My favourite one is either the golbet of fire oh the deathy hallows part 1 and 2 because thats the two movies most of my characters were in. I thought these two movies were also the saddest ones because three of my favorite characters died in them. Cedric Diggory died in the golblet of fire when him and harry grabed the cup and was warped to a new “universe” whih is where Voldemort “Avarda Kadrabvraed” Cedric. That scene was really sad. Dobby And fred died in the deathly hallows part 1 and 2 and these were also really sad.

least favorie characters: My least favourite characters are defintaly Professor Umbridge, she was so cruel. I also really disliked Voldemort, Peter petrigrew, pansy parkinson, and Lucius Malfoy because well, there juust full of them selves and rude.

my patronus: A patrounus is the charm that can keep you save from the bad and danger. If you have watched harry potter, youll know that Harry used a patronus charm to keep him and siurus safe from the dementors. so, now that you know what a patronus is, my patronus is a raven.

my wand: My wand is a lime-wood wand with half flexibility, 12 and 1/4 long and has a phenoix feather centre.

my house: I am in slytherin

    • about my house: Slytherins tend to be ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, and achievement-oriented. They also have highly developed senses of self-preservation. This means that Slytherins tend to hesitate before acting, so as to weigh all possible outcomes before deciding exactly what should be done.
    • a recently asked queston about the house slytherin: Is it bad to be a Slytherin?, heres the answer:
      • Yes, Slytherins could be snide and cruel, as Harry Potter can vouch. But we think being a Slytherin does not necessarily make someone a bad person. … To us, Draco is proof that Slytherin was not a breeding ground for evil and Dark wizards, but wizards full of flaws and desires just like anyone else.


quick fact: what is hogwarts (if you dont know) Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a fictional British boarding school of magic for students aged eleven to eighteen, and is the primary setting for the first six books in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and serves as a major setting in the Wizarding World universe.

next week i will be posting my first blog about the 1st harry potter movie so, stay tuned!


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hey, today for my blog i decided to write about dutch history (netherlanders) and some facts

and i know i did quite a bit of writing so, bare with me…

(i worked on it a little at home but i did most at school. like, i did about half the history part at home)

history: The history of the Netherlands

is a history of seafaring people thriving on a lowland river delta on the North sea in northwestern Europe. Records begin with the four centuries during which the region formed a militarized border zone of the Roman empire. This came under increasing pressure from Germanic peoples moving westwards. As Roman power collapsed and the Middle ages began, three dominant Germanic peoples coalesced in the area, Frisians in the north and coastal areas, Low Saxons in the northeast, and the Franks in the south.

During the Middle Ages, the descendants of the Carolingian dynasty came to dominate the area and then extended their rule to a large part of Western Europe. The region nowadays corresponding to the Netherlands therefore became part of Lower Lothairlinga within the Frankish holy Roman empire. For several centuries, lordships such as barbant, holland, zeeland, friesland, guelders and others held a changing patchwork of territories. There was no unified equivalent of the modern Netherlands.

By 1433, the duke of burgandy, had assumed control over most of the lowlands territories in Lower Lotharingia; he created the Burgundian Netherlands which included modern Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and a part of France.

The Catholic kings of Spain took strong measures against Protestantism, which polarised the peoples of present-day Belgium and the Netherlands. The subsequent Dutch revolt led to the splitting in 1581 of the Burgundian Netherlands into a Catholic, French- and Dutch-speaking “Spanish Netherlands” (approximately corresponding to modern Belgium and Luxembourg), and a northern “United Provinces” (or “Dutch Republic)”, which spoke Dutch and was predominantly Protestant. The latter entity became the modern Netherlands.

In the Dutch Golden Age, which had its zenith around 1667, there was a flowering of trade, industry, and the sciences. A rich worldwide Dutch empire developed and the Dutch East India Company became one of the earliest and most important of national mercantile companies based on entrepreneurship and trade.

During the eighteenth century, the power, wealth and influence of the Netherlands declined. A series of wars with the more powerful British and French neighbours weakened it. The UK seized the North American colony of New Amsterdam, and renamed it “New York”. There was growing unrest and conflict between the Orangists and the Patriots. The French Revolution spilled over after 1789, and a pro-French Batavian Republic was established in 1795–1806. Napoleon made it a satellite state, the Kingdom of Holland (1806–1810), and later simply a French imperial province.

After the collapse of Napoleon in 1813–15, an expanded “United Kingdom of the Netherlands” was created with the House of Orange as monarchs, also ruling Belgium and Luxembourg. The King imposed unpopular Protestant reforms on Belgium, which revolted in 1830 and became independent in 1839. After an initially conservative period, following the introduction of the 1848 constitution, the country became a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. Modern-day Luxembourg became officially independent from the Netherlands in 1839, but a personal union remained until 1890. Since 1890, it is ruled by another branch of the House of Nassau.

The Netherlands was neutral during the First World War, but during the Second World War, it was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany. The Nazis, including many collaborators, rounded up and killed almost all of the country’s Jewish population. When the Dutch resistance increased, the Nazis cut off food supplies to much of the country, causing severe starvation in 1944–45. In 1942, the Dutch East Indies were conquered by Japan, but prior to this the Dutch destroyed the oil wells for which Japan was desperate. Indonesia proclaimed its independence from the Netherlands in 1945, followed by Suriname in 1975. The post-war years saw rapid economic recovery (helped by the American Marshall Plan), followed by the introduction of a welfare state during an era of peace and prosperity. The Netherlands formed a new economic alliance with Belgium and Luxembourg, the Benelux, and all three became founding members of the European Union and NATO. In recent decades, the Dutch economy has been closely linked to that of Germany and is highly prosperous. The four countries adopted the Euro on 1 January 2002, along with eight other EU member states


ethnicity: Dutch, Germans, Morocans, Frisians, Belgians, walloons, surinamese, indo, iraqis, turks, curacaoans, and so many more, but, i think you get the idea


where is the netherlands: the Netherlands is located in Western Europe


traditional foods:    -AVG’tje-patato, meat, and vegatables

-pea soup




-brown bean soup





language: Dutch



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population (2021): 17 173 099



-The netherlands is the 6th happiest countries in the world

-The dutch are the healthiest in the world when it comes to diet

-The dutch are the most physically active European country

-there are more bysicals in the Netherlands that there are people


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kindergarten-grade 7 “jobs i wanted”

when i was younger, i changed my mind about what job i wantted to do every year. So here is a list of all the jobs i have wanted since kindergarten, all the way to now. grade 7.

1. candy shop (kindergarten) :   i am sure that almost every kid wanted to work in a candy store right!? i know i did. I didnt really want to do it for the fun or money, my little child mind wanted to work in a candy shop so i can eat candy while i work. as a kid, i also thought id be allowed to bring alot of the candy home for free. But of course, as i got older, i learned that you still have to pay for it even if you work there.

2. dance teacher (grade 1) :   i think that almost every little girl (or boy) has probably wanted to be a dance teacher. I wanted                      to be one because i had done about 3-5 years of dance and was convinced i was a pro. but i was farrrrrrrr from being a pro.               i eventually quit dance because i kind of got sick of the weird costumes we had to wear for performences. and i also got shy                  on stage when performinng so i quit and eventually stoped wanting to be a dance teacher.

3. teacher (grade 2) :    i was at the age where i fouuund school fun and there was no hard math (for me at least, i found it very                easy because at the time i was supposed to be in grade 3 and i knew all the stuff already) and there was no school drama                    with kids. But as the school year went on, i dont know, but i just started not liking school as much and didnt want to be a                        teacher anymore.

4. model (grade 3) :    In grade 3 i was in love with the idea of getting my hair and makeup done everyday, and like the idea that i          got to wear fancy dresses and take pictures, and show my outfit off to big crowds. But, i started not liking wearing dresses                    anymore. i just find them uncomfortable to wear and i dont feel comfortable in them. so, i eventually dropped the idea of wanting          to be a model.

5. clothing desginer (grade 4):    In grade 4, i had a little drawing book i had gotten from my cousins and i started drawing clothing         inside of it convinced that when i was older, id be a desginer. but, i eventually changed my mind.

6. ???? (grade 5):  in grade 5, i wasnt thinking about what i wanted to be yet. i was more focused on school and ddint really care         about jobs.

7. family lawyer (grade 6):   in grade 6, i wanted to be a family lawyer. i didnt want to do it because of empathy, i wanted to be one        because of the pay amount. but i quickly over came that and decided to be somrthing else that i wanted to be and not just for the          money.

8. medical oncoligist (grade 7):    i am in grade 7, and i have decided to be a medical oncoligist (a doctor who treats cancer with   chemotherapy) i chose this bacause my mom had cancer and had to go through chemo, so it has a place in my heart.


heres a link to some blogs you should check out!



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Q&A with molly

today for my blog, molly decided she wanted me to do a Q&A about her.

lets begin!

favorite color- yellow

favorite animal- panda

favorite genre of music- pop

hobbies- dance, painting

girl or boy- girl

dream job- pediatrition, or a general surgen

hair color- brown

where do you want to live-

favorite food-


Kaelynns goals (and why)

I have a lot of goals, some aim higher than others, some lower. here are all my goals and why there my goals.

M y first goal is….

university (Yale, hardvard)

  • i know that i probably wouldnt get in to yale and hardvard but i would really like to go, though, any university is fine. I really want to go so i can get a medical degree to become a doctor, but if that doesnt work out i always have other plans even though they arent my favorite.


medical degree (medical oncoligist)

  •  I really want to go to school and get my medical degree so i can become a medical oncoligist, even though it will take many years of school. I want to become a medical oncoligist because its a doctor who treats cancer using chemotherapy. I choose that one specifically because my mom had cancer and had to go through chemo, and lets just say that alot of the doctors wernt the nicest and were not very supportive so i want to become one so i can people who had to go through this like my mom.

travel (B.C, Hawaii, bora bora, great ocean road- Australia)

  • I want to travel so bad because i have never before, the farthest ive ever “traveled” was to winnipeg and hecla. And thasts not really traveling. I want to go too B.C because there a lot of beautiful places there and most of my family lives there. I want to ogo to hawaii beccause of the warm weater, and beautiful senery. its also just because, hawaii, who doesnt want to go to hawaii! Bora bora is just a beautiful place. they have beautiful little houses on docks over water, and its warm. The last place i want to go is to great ocean road in Australlia. Its such a beautiful place to vist in australlia, espesially at sunrise!
  • Great Ocean Road, Australia



  • i have one pet already, a beagle names ruby. i love her with every inch of my heart, but i do wish i had more pets. My mom doesnt like big dogs so i know that the dogs i want, she wouldnt even take into consideration. seeming as they are big, and they shed alot. The one I want most though, is a golded retriver, a while fured golded retriver. They are so kind and loves to play. They would also get along with my dog because ruby best friend is a golden retriver, but they moved to alberta so we cant see them anymore.

i have so many other goals but theres too many to share!

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Work-out tips and tricks

I started working out about 1 and a half years ago. I started by running up and down my long drive way for about 10 minutes each day and then some small work outs that include excersizes like push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, ECT. I had stopped doing it for a while becasue i kept getting sore and having lots of pains so i stopped. I have recently started again though, but with knowledge so i dont get sore this time.

-running tips and tricks

When running, a lot a people make the mistake to just go and run and give it their all, but that is going to lead to sore legs, ECT. if you plan on running, dont just go and run as fast as you possibly can. You need to stretch before you run or else you can cramp up and possibly face an injury. If your gojng running, your going to want to drink lots of water post run to stay hydrated. You need to limit yourself, dont run as fast as you can, you need to pace yourself. As you train, then you can slowly speed up through weeks, but never start off giving it your all. If your running, you also need to pick a routine and stick to it. After running, if you have tight or tender muscles, then apply heat to loosen and relax them. If your injured, whether greatly or very little, apply a ice pack to reduce swelling and inflamation.


-upper body tips and tricks

If your doing a upper body workout, it is recomended by doctors to only do 2 of these workouts each week so you dont injur yourself, And your workout shouldnt last longer than 45 minutes. On the days your not doing upper body workouts (rest days), You should stay active by stretching so you are still doing something. You need to hydrate so you dont get dehydrated, and make sure your eating right and healthy. Your still allowed to treat yourself, dont worry. On your “rest days” make sure your going to bed on time because your going to need sleep and to be well rested. All this pretty much includes to lower body as well.

what other blogs do you want me to do?

heres a list of ideas i found on google:

-recipies (for desserts, meals)

-spread awarness about something important (whether it needs to be said, or you think is important to spread)


-story telling

What kind of stuff do you want to see!





Meron’s journey “help me beat the cancer before the cancer beats me”

Meron is a 4 year-old boy. half a year ago, this little boy had told his mother he was feeling nauseous and felt as if he couldnt breathe. His mother became concerned and scheduled a doctors appointment. At the time meron had just turned 4 and had no idea what cancer was and why his mother had started crying when the doctor diagnosed with with it. Even though Meron is yet so little and doesnt understand much, he  does understand what can happed to him. He also sees what it does to his mom, and the pain she goes through. On one of the videos online to spread awarness and ask for help, Meron had said “My mom isnt able to pay for my treatment, she doesnt have enough money. They said they would kick me out of the hospital if we dont pay, but this is the only hospital with the treatment i need. Please help me, help me beat my cancer, before the cancer beats me”. Now that is very sad and heart breaking coming from a 4 year old child.


here is a link to a website with some more information and a donating site. The donating site is so his mother is able to pay for treatments.

(YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE)  -this was more about spreading awarness of Merons heartbreaking journey and a journey a lot of other little children as well as adults go through. I also know how hard it must be for his mother, knowing he might not be able to get his treatment because she cant afford it, its really scary. So just take a moment and pray for this little boy and his mother.


Kaelynns christmas break!

Over my Christmas break, I did a lot of fun things with my family. We did fun activities, as well as laying on the couch because we were too lazy to get up, but if I’m being honest, we all know that the lazy one was me. Everyone else got up around nine or ten, but I got up between 1pm or 2pm.


Some of the indoor activities we did were playing card and board games, playing with the dog, and movie nights. Some of the outdoor activities we did were skate (hockey + figure skating), taking my dog for walks, snowmobiling, and my sister would make snow forts but then have a fit because she didn’t know how so eventually, I had to help her.


Most of the time, my dad would be at work and when he did get Home, he would just sit on the couch watching tv but he came to watch us skate some of the time to. My mom would be on the couch on her phone or baking most of the time but she watches us skate as well. My brother was always in his room watching movies, playing video games, or talking to his friends, but this year he decided to start skating so he did that to. My sister was always on her phone, playing Nintendo, or skating and playing with her toys.


Whenever I got personal time to myself, I would do facemasks and go   on my phone. I would also facetime all my close friends a lot but mostly at night around 1:00 and or 2:00am. I would also skate a lot and watch movies. I watched a lot of Christmas movies, but now I’ve been watching Harry Potter.


For Christmas Eve, and each kid always get to chose one of their favorite foods and then she would cook it as part of our meal. I guess its kind of a tradition now. We also facetimed our Baba and Gigi while having supper because we couldn’t have it together.


On Christmas day, my dad went to work and everyone else woke up around eight. We had to wait till 10:00am to open presents because that’s when my dad comes home.


We opened stockings first then moved onto presents. I’m not going to say everything we got because that would be unnecessary but my brother got a tv for his room because he wanted a bigger one and has been asking for quite awhile now. My sister got a go-pro because she kept telling my mom and dad that she wanted one really bad so she could film herself dirt biking and swimming, ECT. I got a laptop because I’ve been asking for one so I can do my school work because our home one doesn’t work very well because we’ve had it for so long, I also asked for this so I can watch Netflix without everyone stealing the other laptop or tv remote. I also got a photo editing app on it so I can edit My photos, as well as social apps like House party, WhatsApp, messages, Pinterest, and wizarding world (which is a site with real test to figure out your house, wand, Patronus, ECT. You would understand if you are a Harry Potter fan).

We got bigger presents this year because we wanted something fun for us to enjoy because of the horrible year we’ve had!        -Kaelynn







Beagle behavior


here is a link with alot more info!  (look up)

Beagles are very complicated, filled with energy dogs. They have a lot og go and its had to make them obedient and obey your orders because they were bred for hunting and so they follow their nose instead of listning to their owner.What most people wont tell you about living with a beagle is that their very well curious and their own boss. Once you know how to care for a beagle, it makes having a beagle much more enjoyable because you will then be able to train them and have them acually listning to you. You probably wont get told this about beagles, but you need to know if you plan on getting one or it will make life that much harder.

-you have to “child lock” every thing

A beagle when first small and new to its new home will be curious and want to explore. They will try and go under the couch and get stuck, as well as get stuff in the weirdest places like under the dish washer. its crazy


A beagle needs lots of time to run free outside, but with your super vision. NEVER let your eyes off of you beagle when outside off leash. They will find someway to escape you sight. A beagle puppy wont be as fast so if they do run you’ll probably be able to catch them but if its a adult or growing puipppy who is already running fast and they escape. you wont be able to get them back. there nose will catch many cents and keep running until they find it.


Beagles are the most glutneous dog EVER. they will do anything for food. So whenever your eating, the dog goes away into the kennet. Even though their little puppy dog eyes are cute, YOU MUST NOT give in, that is becasue human food can make then very sick and you must stick only to the dog food that is to be given twice a day at specfic times. And dont foret to put away all dishes.


Unlike other dogs, beagles can not sleep freely. When it bedtime, you put them in a kennnel or else they will gret up at night and trash EVERYTHING. they will also go pee ECT, everywhere in the house.

-bedtime (part 2)

NOTE: when their in the kennel, for the fist few weeks, they will pee, ECT in the kennel, they will also howl all night long the first few weeks of having them so you might want to get your earplugs ready! (theyt will also use the washroom inside your house(mostly the carpet) for the first weeks so it might be a lilttle hard to train them for using the washroom outside.


FACT/NOTE: when they turn 1 they will forget EVERYTHING you trained them (thwecall this their “teenage years”)

Beagle will need to teeth for quite a long time, so if they dont have a favorite toy, their going to start using your fingers and ankles. They will also chew any random object in the house. some of the things my beagle has detroyed are






If you want  more info, see the link at the top of the page. It is a blog about beagle behaviour, alot more problem your going to face if you get one, how to care for one, and how to train and resolve those beagle behaviour issues!

few more facts:

-beagles will get seperation anxiety

-they will usally pick a favorite and cling to them the rest of their life

-they just want attention and alot of play time

-they are always happy

-they love walks


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