recently, I have been getting into crystals like rose quarts and stuff like that. For my blog today im going to talk about crystals and there “uses”.

im going to be writing about four of my choice. Rose quarts, green adventurine, citrine,  and chalcedony.

rose quarts:  Rose quarts is a pink form of quarts, Its also known as Hyaline quarts. The meaning of rose quarts are, love, compasion, harmony, amd peace. Its healing properties are loving energy, abundance, and joy. The rose quarts physical healing properties can help prevent thrombosis and heart attacks. It can improve the circulatory system, and ensure that your heart muscles are as smooth and strong as possible. Its also said that it can help mothers whom are pregnant and it protects the mother an unborn child by making sure there are no problems with the pregnacy. Rose quarts also heal those who have tramua. Now, this might sound silly, but yes. some of these things are true. Im not sure if they all are but you never know i just thought this was neat.

Rough Rose Quartz by Ashland® | Michaels

( Green) Adventurine:  Aventurine is a silicon dioxide mineral and a member of the Quartz family. The meaning of  adventurine are luck, healing, and, imaginantion. Its healing properties are good luck amd abundance. The green adventurines physical healing propertys will help lower your blood presure, regulate the thymus gland, and lend a hand when it comes to gifting a new lease of life energy. Aventurine also helps in all things linked to circulation and boosted well-being. Aventurine brings abundance by tilting your mind into occupying a more positive space. It’s a stone that brings about decisive action, strong leadership qualities, and encourages you to keep on going no matter what obstacles seem to stand in the way.

Green Aventurine Tumbled Crystal


Citrine: citrine is a glassy yellow varaiey of quarts. The meaning of citrine is confidence, happiness, and strenght. Its healing properties are Happiness, Prosperity, Generosity, Creativity, Protection, Strength, Alignment, Confidence, Stability, Moderation, Energy, Comfort, Success ,Truth, Goodness, Warmth, Digestion , Assimilation, Enjoyment of life ,Spiritual growth. Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success.  It imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm.  Raises self-esteem and self-confidence.  Stimulates the brain, strengthening the intellect.  Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression.  Enhances concentration and revitalises the mind.  It releases negative traits, depression, fears and phobias.  Emotionally balancing.

Citrine Healing Properties | Citrine Meaning | Benefits Of Citrine | Metaphysical Properties Of Citrine | Charms Of Light - Healing

chalcedony: Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite. Chalcedonys meaning are stability, harmony, and dreams. Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and good will. It absorbs negative energy. It brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony. Chalcedony instills feelings of benevolence and generosity. It alleviates hostility and transforms melancholy into joy. Chalcdony Heals the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory system. This one is one of my favorites just because of how gorgeous it is.

Blue Chalcedony Tumbled Stones | Healing Stones | Polished Stones

if you want to learn a little bit more about them, follow this link

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End Of Year Blog

hi, my name is Kaelynn. I am in grade 7. I like to play guitar, read, shop, and well, anything that doesnt take alot of effort. like eating and sleeping. I am going into grade 8 next year. Im not really nervous though. I think i have it covered. This year was not easy but know that i have the hang of it, ithink next year will be much easier. The only thing im not lookinh forward to is O.W.L. I hate presenting, espessically in front of a whole class. When ever i present, i feel sick and i start to panic. fun right?! so, yeah. That is the only thing im not excited for.

Some challenges i faced this year as a new grade 7 student were organization, social, science, ETC. Some times my desk would get really messy and scattered, as well as my binder, and it would make me super overwhelmed. I was really nad at keeping things organized. I struggled in social a little because when we would do our test, i would just black and forget everything, no matter how much i studied so i would end up getting a bad mark. The same goes for science. Another thing i struggled with in science was labs. I was new to those because we had never done them in grade 6 so when we began them i was a little clueless, but im getting better. It was also a pretty hard and stressful year because of all of the changes with all the covid protocols and stuff that made class more difficult then it had to be.

I think that the only possible challenges for next year will be covid. I am really tired of everything honestly so another year of protocals is just going to make it worse. Other than that, i think the only other challenge will be that some of the grade 8 math might be a little bit harder than the math we had this year, but i think that if i catch onto it,everything will be just fine.

I think i have learnt quite alot this year. I learnt new things in math, I learnt about Geece, And Egypt, ETC.  and I learnt quite alot in science. I also have learnt alot from owl presentations ive done. I learnt things like playing guitar, drawing, photography, and a bunch of other neat thing. although i dislike O.W.L, i still thought it was fun to learn new thing despite my hatred for it!

I hope next year will be better than this one. Not that it was bad, it just wasnt the best. bye!


Harry Potter Facts

Just like any other movie or film, The Harry Potter movies definitely have some interesting fact and secrets behind the camera. Whether are about the cast, the actors, or secrets just about the movie in general, so let us begin with some facts and secrets of Harry Potter!


#1. As you know, Harry Potter and Voldemort are well known enemies. But what J.K Rowling did not tell you is that Harry and Voldemort are actually related. She revealed that they are related through the Peverell’s, the guys who inspired “The Tale of Three Brothers”. It can be traced back far enough to see that Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort are in fact, related.

#2. In the first book/movie, Harry found out he is able to speak parseltongue, the language of snakes. After the battle of Hogwarts, and after Harry killed Voldemort, Harry actually lost his ability to speak parseltongue. J.K Rowling said that since Harry is no longer a horcrux, he lost his ability to speak to and understand snakes.


#3. During the making of the Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliff would have his name splashed across every tabloid if he had acted to adult like, (a tabloid is a newspaper half the size of a normal one. Normally for headlines, photographs, and sensational quotes). The producer thought it was a big deal since he was the main character and was supposed to act like a child. This pressured him to come on set after too much drinking.

#4. The actor who played Crabbe, Draco Malfoys friend, was arrested for illegal substances. Because of this, the producer replaced his character with a new actor who played Blaise Zabini.

#5. Before recording, Tom Felton, the actor who plays Draco Malfoy, would sneak apples onto set in his robe pockets and eat them during his scenes. They prod7ucers kept these parts in because he thought it was funny, creative, and added nice touches.

#6. In the scene where Hermione, Ron, and Harry drank Polyjuice potion to go undercover as Crabbe, goyle, and pansy to get secrets out of Draco, Tom Felton (Draco), forgot his lines and said, ‘I didn’t know you could read” as a filler for his forgotten line. Instead of redoing this scene the producers kept it in because they loved it and thought it was so funny and original.


#7. In the movie “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”, there was a scene where Hermione threatened Draco with her wand. In the script, she was supposed to “punch” him, when they were filming, she ACUALLY punched him, on accident of course. The producer decided to keep it in because it was priceless, and looked really real (because well, it was), but it was over all a really good touch, well for the movie at least, it probably was not at all the best for Tom.


That is all for my Harry Potter facts!



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My favorite tv shows/series/ movies

For my blog today, i decided to write about my favorite shows, series, and movies.

  1. Harry Potter

Harry potter is one of my favourite movie series. They are very interesting and and a lot of thought put into it. They have so many details into it, that if you catch on to them, it makes the movie even better and easier to keep on track. The acting is really good, and the editing is emaculate, everything looks so real. It has such a homie feeling to it because you get to lean on the characters in a way it makes you feel as if you know them personaly. you understand how they feel and what goes on in their life. Its by far my favorite series.

Harry Potter Movie Redesign - New Harry Potter DVD Cases

2. Twilight

This is another movie series i love. The actors are acually good at acting. well, some arent, but most are. A lot of them, such as bella (kristen stewert), and Edward (Robert Pattinson), were scripted to be really awkawrd so it seems like there bad actors but there not. The movie puts in great detail and has a good amount of for-shadowing to give clues.

3. Greys anatomy

I aabsuloutly LOVE greys anatomy. I know a lot of people dont, and i dont understand why. personaly, i think it a great show. It has kind of made me a bit paranoid though because when i ever i have a head ache, ETC. I always assume its like, something bad because i watch to much Greys.

ABC Signature Boss Clarifies His Remarks On Potential 'Grey's Antaomy'  Spinoff – Update – Deadline

4. TVD (the vampire dairies)

Personaly, i think this is a great series. theres always so much drama and action that really brings the movie to life. the editing so good, and the acting is amazing.

The Vampire Diaries (season 8) - Wikipedia


go check out annahs blog!

more shows i like:


umbrella acadamy

outer banks


maze runner

the darkest minds

Healthy Meals – Pintrest finds

If you go on pintrest, you can actually find sooo many easy to make, delicious, and healthy meals for your family, or even just you. You can find ones for keto, because some people have keto diets, and vegan/vegitarian ones for the vegans and vegitarians. I have made a few meals from pintrest that were soooo good, 10/10 would recomend, and, i have acually made them more than once.

you can also search up deserts and treats to make (yet again, you can find ones for keto, ETC.)


#1. stuffed peppers

this one is sooooooo good. its fills you up and tastes amazing. ive made this at least 3-4 times and me and then rest of the family do aswell.  it gets a good 10/10 recomend that youuyuyu should try this.

here is the link to it

#2. parmesan roasted califlower

the was absuloutly awesome. the cheese on it gave it a good texter with the crunch of the roasted califlower. I, as well as the rest of my family loved it and would make it again. it gets a good 9/10

here is the link to it

#3. garlic brown surgar baked chicken

this one was pretty good, not my favorite, but okay. if you cook it just right then it would be good but when i made it, it was a bit over cooked so it was kind of dry. i think it gets a pretty good, 6.5/10

here is a link to it

#4. cheesy patato broccoli

i think this one was one of my favorites. it was so  good. most of the people in my family liked it except for my sister and brother. their really picky. but over all, this gets a 9.5/10. i think it was really good.

here is the link to it

i know it was short but its hard to fit so much in to describe food.

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Drawing Human Features :)

For my O.WL, i decided to draw human features. I have had a little bit of experience with drawing human features bur i wasnt good at it. I kind of made up my own way to draw the features instead of acually finding out how to.

I was never good at lips or noses, nor eyes, although, my eyes i drew were better then the lips and nose.

For my nose, i never really planed it out, i just started drawing. I found out you need kind of chart or stencil like thing to help you draw a nose. You have to start out with a circle, and draw lines up connecting them to the circle to make the bridge, then put in the side and little detail, and of course, shading ETC.

for example:

lips: I suck at lips. they usually being a fail and i end up just drawing a straingt line. I now follow a step by step with a simalar chart/stencil method. it still sucks and are very bad and choppy but it is getting better than what i drew.


How to draw lips : restofthefuckingowl

eyes: Id say iim better at eyes than i am any other feature. i follow a step by step for a visual but its hard to get so much detail and the flawless look they have in their blending ETC.

How To Draw Realistic Eye Step by Step - YouTube | Realistic drawings, Eye drawing tutorials, Art drawings sketches

O.W.L update:

time- 1 hour and 10 minutes

drawing- eyes- 2

nose- 4

lips- 1

i think its fun to  draw eyes because it takes a long time so you can sit there for like hours and draw them because their a good thing to draw to pass by time

here is a link where you can find a buch of eyes you can try and draw!


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Summer Things

Since summer is right around the coner, (or at least i hope it is since were only getting cold weather, snow, winds) I decided to right about what i like to do in the summer.

#1. Mantracker

I loveee playing mantracker, espessialy when i invite some of my guy friends over and my brother invites his, it so fun. We all just run around in the dark having a good time. a bonfire, climbing trees, smores, joking. It just really enjoyable. Although,it is quite sad i wont get to do that this year because of covid and the restrictions.

#2. baseball

I have so much fun playing baseball. Me and zenin will go out to are field and play for hours on end. its very fun. Sometimes, we will occsianally ask my sister if she wants to play. We dont always because if she messes up she’ll have a fit but we invite her sometimes so she doesnt feel left out.

#3. Volleyball

Volleyball is another thing i love to do. This, again, i do with my brother. sometimes we stay out until the sun sets and then put a fire on and sit down, make hotdogs, ETC. a lot of the time, we even stay out by the fire oor on the trampoline past midnight, so,  sometimes, our parents dont evem know we are out their.

#4. bonfires

I love having bonfires with my family. its very relaxing since most of the time when were at home, we never see eachother because were either busy or in our rooms.

#5. badmonton/tennis

Badmonton and tennis are one of my many favorite sports. I usually go out if the field or on the road and play with my sister since my brother doesnt really like this sport.

#6. basketball

Basketball has been my favorite sport since i was 9. I was always goood at it, but, its funny, when im alone, im soooooo good at it, but when i have to perform it in front of anyone, suddenly, i suck at it. its frustrating really. I usally play at my house with my brother at our coutrt. we usaully play till someone gets to 50 points and then go it for food.


hands down. my favorite thing to do it the summer. I loveee dirtbiking and quading. I could go hours on end doing this all aroung my yard, field, trails, block, and in out dirt bike track and hills. I  usaully go on rides with my brother. I would go with my sister but she drives so slow and it gets annoying so i go with zenin because hes more my pace. Sometimes we go on trails weve never been before and that usually results in one of us getting stuck. we drive around iin the mud and then spray eachother with it. It gets messy but its really fun.

#8. Swimming

swimming is so fun. espesically in the summer. its a good way to hang out with friends and family, have fun, and cool of in the heat.

Swimming, Spinning, Baths, Sport, Diversion, Swimming Pool, Symbol, Pond,  Pool, Swimmers, Lake, Authorized, Season, Freshwater, Permitted | PixCove

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History of Rome

I chose to write about Rome because its one of the places im hoping to go to when im older so…

As legend has it, Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by Romulus and Remus, twin sons of Mars, the god of war. Left to drown in a basket on the Tiber by a king of nearby Alba Longa and rescued by a she-wolf, the twins lived to defeat that king and found their own city on the river’s banks in 753 B.C. After killing his brother, Romulus became the first king of Rome, which is named for him. A line of Sabine, Latin and Etruscan (earlier Italian civilizations) kings followed in a non-hereditary succession. There are seven legendary kings of Rome: Romulus, Numa Pompilius, Tullus Hostilius, Ancus Martius, Lucius Tarquinius Priscus (Tarquin the Elder), Servius Tullius and Tarquinius Superbus, or Tarquin the Prou 534-510 B.C.. While they were referred to as “Rex,” or “King” in Latin, all the kings after Romulus were elected by the senate.

Beginning in the eighth century B.C., Ancient Rome grew from a small town on central Italy’s Tiber River into an empire that at its peak encompassed most of continental Europe, Britain, much of western Asia, northern Africa and the Mediterranean islands. Among the many legacies of Roman dominance are the widespread use of the Romance languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian) derived from Latin, the modern Western alphabet and calendar and the emergence of Christianity as a major world religion. After 450 years as a republic, Rome became an empire in the wake of Julius Caesar’s rise and fall in the first century B.C. The long and triumphant reign of its first emperor, Augustus, began a golden age of peace and prosperity; by contrast, the Roman Empire’s decline and fall by the fifth century A.D. was one of the most dramatic implosions in the history of human civilization.

(if you google “historty of Rome”, you can probably find a lot more stuff)

Experience Rome | Lazio, Italy, Europe - Lonely Planet

go check out-


Promoting others blog

I chose to write about because we have very different mind sets but i acually found myself interested in her blogs.

I thought that her blogs were really good and well writen. They had lots of detail and interesting subjects. I really liked the ones about tattos, social media, and the mental health one. I think that they are really well said. While reading her blogs i learnt a lot of stuff about her that i hadnt known before. I think i could definitley find myself reading her blogs more often.


Wattpad is a free app you can get in the app store and on your laptop. It is an app for reading and even to write your own chapter books. Its a good app it your a beginer writer trying to make a carreer and  it has a lot of amazing and well written  stories.

I know i’ve hated reading all my life but i started reading some harry potter realated stories on wattpad and now i can stop. I think it the span of 4 days i have spent about 15-20 hours reading on it. I am currently reading the book “Little Bird” by:Marrisa-Lynn, and its by far, the best book i have ever read. There are 64 chapter to “Little Bird”, and i am on chapter 54. so im going to make a little suggestion and if you do get it, if your really into Harry potter, then you should definitley read some of “Marrisa-lynn“s storys.

The writers on wattpad are acually very talented in their writing ablity and their storys have lots of for-shadowing, detail, adventure. I can definatly say that since i started reading on here, i have definitaly added a bunch of new words to my vocabulary and will definitley use them in future story writing. So far, the books i’ve read give so much detail so i can get a real good image of what the setting and characters look, act, and feel like. It has definitley widened my imagination a bunch.

The app is well put together as well. When you make your account, it will ask you questions, it will ask you what genre you like then will base your feed on that for the most enjoyable experiences. And, the more books you read about one topic, it will show up in your feed more seeming as that is stuff your interested in the most.

As in 2020, over 90 million people are using wattpad. Its headquarters are in Toronto and it was founded it 2006, of November.

here is a link to a site that has posted about it and reviews:

more: When the app is trying to get to know you to see what books you like, as i said, it will ask you which genre. And, i personaly found it very difficult to choose just 2 options, so, if you do plan on getting it, here are your genre options for you to think about. reminder: the app only allows you to choose 2 but you can definitley search through differnt one in the app when in the search tap. anyways, here are your options:

Action Adventure Anime Billionaire Chicklit
Creepypasta Diverselit Fanfiction Fantasy General Fiction
Historical Fiction Horror Humor Imagines LGBT+
Mystery New Adult Nonfiction Paranormal Poetry
Random Romance Science Fiction Short Story Spiritual
Teen Fiction Thriller Urban Vampire Werewolf

my review: i would definitley give wattpad a 4.75/5 because it is an excellent app that has made me enjoy reading more than ever before, but, since anyone can join it, you could have a bunch a little kids going around and posting whatever so it think that the app should like, i dont know, review the peoples books before they are published so we know its a real book and not a little kids publishing a 4 word sentece, ya’know!? anyways, i definitley recomend you to get this app!!!


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