Best friend interveiw

Hey! Today for my blog i decided i was going to do an interveiw about my best friend!

Now, just to let you know,  i wont be putting her name because she would rather not have it out in the world but im sure you understand that!

Lets get right into it!

The first question i asked her was what her favorite color, She answered and said that it was baby blue which is a very pretty color! Her favoreite animal is a monkey because her mom always called her that since she was little. Some of her hobbies include painting and baking! Those hobbies are very fun and calmimg! During the summer time, she likes to swin. In the fall she like to make leaf piles( which brings back a lot of memorys from when we came to my house😂) and take pictures in all the pretty leaves that are changing colour. In the spring, she likes to take pictures and in the winter, she likes to make snowmen, have snowball fights, and skate. Her favorite day of the week is friday and her lucky number is 13

Her favorite sport is tennis and her favorite holiday is christmas. When shes older and get a job, she wants to become a kindergarden teacher.

She thinks that online learning is absuloutly horrible and would rather do school irl /in real life.

Her favorite genre of music is country . She describes herself as funny, outgoing, and silly. I defintily agree! She has 4 pets.

Her favorite school subject is math and her least favorite subject is social studies.

I asked her want she would do with her money if she won the lottery and she said she would keep some to herself, give some to ger family, and donate some to charity! I also asked her if she had any random qeustions she didnt have the answer to and she said she wants to know what planet earth was made of before life had come to it, i personally think that that is a very good question to wonder!

The last qeustion i asled her was what place she wants to live and her answer was the bahamas!

thank you for reading my blog! i hope this helped to learn a ton about my best friend!


here is a link to her blog!

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  1. i dont think i was correct about the bahamas being a country🤣can someone plz tell me if i was right or wrong😂

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