Kaelynns christmas break!

Over my Christmas break, I did a lot of fun things with my family. We did fun activities, as well as laying on the couch because we were too lazy to get up, but if I’m being honest, we all know that the lazy one was me. Everyone else got up around nine or ten, but I got up between 1pm or 2pm.


Some of the indoor activities we did were playing card and board games, playing with the dog, and movie nights. Some of the outdoor activities we did were skate (hockey + figure skating), taking my dog for walks, snowmobiling, and my sister would make snow forts but then have a fit because she didn’t know how so eventually, I had to help her.


Most of the time, my dad would be at work and when he did get Home, he would just sit on the couch watching tv but he came to watch us skate some of the time to. My mom would be on the couch on her phone or baking most of the time but she watches us skate as well. My brother was always in his room watching movies, playing video games, or talking to his friends, but this year he decided to start skating so he did that to. My sister was always on her phone, playing Nintendo, or skating and playing with her toys.


Whenever I got personal time to myself, I would do facemasks and go   on my phone. I would also facetime all my close friends a lot but mostly at night around 1:00 and or 2:00am. I would also skate a lot and watch movies. I watched a lot of Christmas movies, but now I’ve been watching Harry Potter.


For Christmas Eve, and each kid always get to chose one of their favorite foods and then she would cook it as part of our meal. I guess its kind of a tradition now. We also facetimed our Baba and Gigi while having supper because we couldn’t have it together.


On Christmas day, my dad went to work and everyone else woke up around eight. We had to wait till 10:00am to open presents because that’s when my dad comes home.


We opened stockings first then moved onto presents. I’m not going to say everything we got because that would be unnecessary but my brother got a tv for his room because he wanted a bigger one and has been asking for quite awhile now. My sister got a go-pro because she kept telling my mom and dad that she wanted one really bad so she could film herself dirt biking and swimming, ECT. I got a laptop because I’ve been asking for one so I can do my school work because our home one doesn’t work very well because we’ve had it for so long, I also asked for this so I can watch Netflix without everyone stealing the other laptop or tv remote. I also got a photo editing app on it so I can edit My photos, as well as social apps like House party, WhatsApp, messages, Pinterest, and wizarding world (which is a site with real test to figure out your house, wand, Patronus, ECT. You would understand if you are a Harry Potter fan).

We got bigger presents this year because we wanted something fun for us to enjoy because of the horrible year we’ve had!        -Kaelynn







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